Friday, May 1, 2009


I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis on Tuesday, thus wrapping up years of wondering why my stomach is so sensitive and I sometimes have such pain that I don't want to do anything. I was stupid for waiting so long to see a doctor, but the past few months of tests have finally resulted in a nice, shiny answer: UC. Now what? Medicines have been started, books have been taken from the library, google has been googled. It's funny-- all it takes is a diagnoses and then things start moving in the right direction. The thing that bothers me is now I have to deal with knowing this is a chronic disease that I'll have forever unless they remove my large intestine. That's sort of a bummer, considering how fond I am of my God-given body parts, even if they've given me some trouble over the years. The plus side of it all is that there are treatments, medicinal and holistic, and I'm already working on trying both. Also there's the body's ability to heal itself, so I'm not ruling that out, either. Come on, I've read The Secret.

Submission four is due on Monday, and as of right now, I have zero annotations done, I haven't finished one of my books, and my story is being gutted and revised to the point where I'm starting over and trying again. At least it's going to rain all weekend and Matt has the Reserves, so the weather and the boy won't be there as tempting, beautiful distractions. Are you happy, Submission Four? I will focus soley on you this weekend. (Next step: Get myself out of bed and do some yoga so I can start thinking!)

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