Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Writing is agony sometimes. I have my second submission due on March 9th, and I've only got one of my two craft annotations completed and my short story is a miserable mess right now. I know what I want this story to become, and sometimes that's the worst part about being a writer. It's all up in my head, it makes sense up here, it all pans out properly. But on paper it doesn't work as well. There are holes and voice issues and awkward transitions and it's clear where I was trying too hard and also where I wasn't trying hard enough.

We got snow yesterday. 11.5 inches to be exact. I'm inclined to associate my writing problems with the weather. I swear, this winter is merciless. It just won't quit.

My 23rd birthday is a week from today. I'm looking forward to it, actually. Last year my boyfriend was in Iraq, but this year he'll be here with me. Though I enjoyed the flowers from 6,000 miles away, it'll be better to have him in person, as it always is. I'm excited to turn 23, too. It feel like a mature number. I know this will be a big year. I started my MFA, hopefully will have an engagement ring on my finger in the not-so-distant future, and feel ready to take on the world. I'm ready.

I suppose I should get back to writing. I'm going to pray for this story. I hope I don't totally destory (typo of DESTROY that I find perfectly appropriate) the heart of it.

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